More Than Just Backups: Preventing the Next IT Disaster

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Disaster recovery as a service helps businesses guard against disruption You’re sitting on an airplane parked at the gate and getting ready to go. Your seatbelt is fastened, your tray table is stowed, and your seatback is in the upright position for takeoff. But the plane isn’t moving. The forward door is still open, which

IT Budgeting and Planning for Productivity and Resiliency

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Some Steps Could Take Resilience Backward when Focusing on a Potential Recession Achieving resiliency is so important that the US Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) developed an entire guide on the topic to help organizations build out their own infrastructure resiliency plan.1 In the end, it’s about anticipating and managing

Product Development Is More Than Just Developing the Product


With rapid innovations taking place at the platform, modular, and interface levels, it’s no surprise that innovation is also exploding at the system, product, and service levels. When individual technologies create new innovative integrations and collaborations, the sky is the limit, it seems, for what can be accomplished – especially when the human element is

5 steps to make your security metrics more meaningful to the board


Communicate cybersecurity to your board of directors in their language 83% of boards believe cybersecurity is a top priority. Harvard Business Review With the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s new proposals around cybersecurity risk management, strategy, governance and incident disclosure, public companies may need to start reporting regularly on the state of their cybersecurity programs.

The Balancing Act of Returning to the Office

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The economic and labor shifting sands remain in flux Are we there yet? As we slowly crawl towards normalcy, one can see the contours of the future of work, the workforce, and the economy more clearly. “I think we know that we’re not simply going back to the economy we had before the pandemic, but

Future Growth Relies on AI/ML and Data Analytics

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Sustainable business growth requires intelligence Transform data into business value It’s hard to escape the drumbeat of concerns about algorithms that are supposedly engaged in suspicious data manipulations. To get a clearer understanding of this data processing, let’s look at the four technology components used to extract business value from data. Data science is a

So You Think You Can Event Tap Dance

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The event is here. You and your team have been planning for weeks/months and it finally launched. Online registration/booth scans surpassed your expectations. The actual attendees also are higher than average (you must have great marketing). The demos, speakers, and presenters are on point (you must have a great product). There is a great Q

6 Ways to Protect Endpoints

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Protecting entry points prevents attacks Endpoints have an oversized footprint The importance of the edge and endpoint is evident. By 2023, cloud-delivered endpoint protection platform (EPP) solutions will exceed 95% of deployments.1 About 91% of IT decision makers believe that endpoint security has become as important as network security.2 The need for more robust endpoint

Multi-Cloud and Data Lake

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Improve data value and cloud efficiency Multi-cloud is everywhere Most enterprises use multi-cloud services to host business applications and data, the most valuable digital asset. About 92% of organizations have multi-cloud environments.1 All organizations strive to operate more effectively and capitalize on new technologies to build a competitive advantage. As multi-cloud footprints grow, data also

Dev and Sec and Ops – Oh My!

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Pay no attention to the automation within the cloud Security work is never done. New threats, new attack surfaces and staffing shortages make it difficult for many organizations to keep up with patching, scanning and maintaining cybersecurity defenses. Consequently, the concept of DevSecOps (Development + Security + Operations) is gaining momentum. The need to “shift-left”