5 Ways to Protect Against Insider Risks


Beware of friendly fire Insider risks: A well-known problem It’s common knowledge among cybersecurity professionals that enterprises face insider security risks. Are all insider risks malicious? No, but all incidents require an appropriate security response. Whether an employee opened an infected document accidentally or knowingly, the outcome is the same. About 75% of companies are

Untangling the Mystery of HIPAA Clouds


Are they real? Yes, HIPAA clouds are real. Sort of. Saying a cloud or service is HIPAA compliant is a slight misnomer. It would be a huge mouthful to always have to advertise using a long-winded phrase like, “Our capabilities are designed to support HIPAA compliant workloads, but in reality, everything depends upon how you

Only You Can Defend Your Home Network


Unlike business networks, where centralized safeguard and monitoring systems can be put in place, most home networks rely on router firewalls alone and assume that is sufficient. It isn’t. The likelihood of becoming a victim of a cyberattack is 25%. Security experts have identified cybercrime as one of the top three global security threats, along

5 Steps for Recovering from Ransomware Attacks


Readiness and proactive measures minimize business risks Develop a ransomware mindset To successfully resolve problems within your business, you must first truly understand them and develop relevant response strategies. Battling ransomware is no different. Unlike familiar problems with known elements and “rules of engagement,” the new threats fit better under an “infinite game” category. The

The Significance of Observability at Scale


AI and automation meet the mounting multi-cloud challenges Why observability matters to your cloud strategy The core concept of observability is using the external outputs of a system to understand its internal state. Modern multi-cloud environments with extensive collections of distributed apps are increasingly complex and dynamic, rendering older monitoring and managing approaches ineffective and

How Has Industry Regulation Become a Global Phenomenon?


Industry regulation on a global scale Each country, state, and local government can enact laws and operational guidelines affecting multiple aspects of business operations: worker pay and safety, manufacturing processes, financial practices, data privacy, and so on. Many regulations came into force in response to abusive, monopolistic, and or fraudulent business practices. Others have come

3 Things that Supercharge the Cloud


5G, SASE and remote work The optimism driven by the economic recovery’s green shoots helped the US GDP grow at a high rate that pushed its size above the pre-pandemic levels of 2019.1 At the same time, the two leading public cloud providers exhibited extraordinary consistent and resilient growth. Amazon AWS earned $14.8B in Q2

5 Ways to Control Multi-Cloud Spends

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Sometimes simple things work miracles You’ve got cloud If you are like the vast majority of enterprises, then the odds of using multi-cloud services are about 92%.1 Worldwide spending on cloud IaaS rose 32% last year to $59 billion and is expected to hit nearly $107B in 2022. While the top two public cloud service

The Cloud is Transforming the Role of Data Centers

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You amassed tons of data; now what? What just happened? The IT industry experienced a tectonic change in 2020 that altered its structure for the foreseeable future. The utility of the cloud and the shortcomings of private data centers came into sharp focus; that made it easier for companies to adopt digital cloud initiatives. As

Top 3 Ways to Make LinkedIn a Solid Social Media Investment

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There are a growing number of social media platforms out there, making it a complex and oftentimes confusing venture to determine which one might be the best outreach channel for your social media efforts. Would your company perform best in YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or maybe one of those new niche platforms geared toward