AI is a Competitive Secret Weapon


Accelerate competitive advantages with AI/ML at scale The engines of digital growth Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the twin engines accelerating the next digital transformation revolution. As in many previous trends, winners will lead by embracing change, leaving behind slower adopters. Worldwide revenue of AI is expected to grow by 16.4% this

Is Social Selling Really Necessary for Success?

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In B2B outreach, social media is one of those areas that people recognize as supposedly important, but who often push it to the sidelines or invest a halfhearted effort—and then wonder why they’re not seeing much ROI. But the immediate effectiveness of social media sales strategies and implementation in your business doesn’t diminish the fact

Cyberattacks are as Certain as Taxes

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Not all publicity is good publicity! Avoid the headlines The attention that cybersecurity attacks are getting is undesirable. Aside from shining a bad light on the victim company at the wrong time, the round-the-clock coverage is devastating. The last thing any CEO wants is to get on TV and rationalize paying a multimillion-dollar ransom. It’s

There is a Sovereign Cloud in Your Future


Data protection is fueling sovereign cloud Over the past few years, the public cloud emerged as an indispensable business utility similar to electric, gas and water. Unlike other utilities, the cloud serves as a repository of digital data, including sensitive and valuable information. Countries across the globe recognize the value of digital data and seek

Hybrid-work is Simple but Not Easy


Creating a successful hybrid-work environment goes beyond just physical space and finding serviceable collaboration tools. Fostering a healthy company culture requires a new focus on team building and employee management. Plan for Success In a recent study by McKinsey, nine out of 10 organizations surveyed will be combining remote and on-site work, also referred to

Powerful Personalization Strategies and Techniques

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We’ve shown how creating custom user experiences for digital marketing campaigns, known as personalization, can greatly increase outreach effectiveness. When people believe content is more relevant to them or that a brand is paying attention to their specific needs, they’re more likely to engage and respond positively. Yet one must maintain a balance to ensure

Avoid the Creep-Factor of Personalization in Digital Marketing

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Our previous post discussed how personalization has become increasingly essential to securing growth and customer loyalty for a modern business. While undeniably effective in marketing outreach, personalization can be taken to an extreme—one where attention to or communication with a brand audience could become intrusive or even “creepy.” For instance, if you receive an email

The Power of Personalization in Digital Marketing

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Consider walking into a mattress store. One sales rep stands off to the side and casually points to a sign about discount mattresses, saying, “Can I interest you in a comfy queen-sized bed?” While you shrug off the offer, another sales rep walks up, shakes your hand and offers you a premade cup of coffee

Unlock the Value of Data with AI/ML


Adopt AI/ML at scale and lead with insightful analytics Get smart After many false starts, the AI/ML engines are running on all cylinders and driving unprecedented business growth. One need not look beyond the top five high-tech leaders who use AI/ML at scale. Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook have nearly doubled their market capitalization

Celebrate Earth Day…by eavesdropping on the fish?

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Did you know that fish are quite talkative? Research done by University of Auckland marine scientist Shahriman Ghazali shows that fish communicate with underwater noises like grunts, chirps and pops.1 Now we can give those fish something awesome to talk about! A lot of “Big Fish” are doing incredible things for the environmental scene and