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  • Strategic Consulting
  • Planning & Management
  • Messaging and Positioning
  • Content & Creative Development
  • Program Execution

GTM & Launch

We offer full-service programs designed to speed your go-to-market and product launches and ensure the results you want. Our proven, on-time management, years of GTM experience, and customer-first methodology get your programs designed and executed quickly and efficiently.

  • Difficulty finding time and resources to create and launch key programs
  • Lack of organization around program or product strategies
  • Desire to accelerate path to market
  • No resources or time to craft original, high impact content
  • Need to onboard sales and partners to kick off sales motions
  • Customer-facing assets
  • High impact sales conversations
  • Integrated Go-To-Market Campaigns
  • Custom content
  • Social media, advertising, PR, communications
  • Sales playbooks, training, materials
  • Event Strategy and Execution
  • Full-service Creative Support
  • Use Case Overviews, Quick Reference Guides, Industry Briefs
  • Competitive Battlecards
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"We needed to accelerate our GTM but didn’t have the resources in place yet. As an extension of our team, Exact Market helped pull off a complex, high-profile project with well-articulated messaging."
Video Conferencing Leader


Let Exact Market help you gain the most value from your alliances. We empower your strategic partners to greater performance through pinpoint strategies and custom-built joint programs, designed to boost opportunities and results.

  • Lack of aligned strategy and messaging for joint solutions
  • Short time to launch new programs
  • Lack of resources to quickly develop alliance-focused custom content
  • Need to jumpstart critical joint alliance projects
  • Need to ensure alliance program success
  • Difficulty creating accountability and ROI on funding
  • Strategy concepts and development
  • New Alliance Partnership Programs
  • New Joint Solution Launch Planning and Support
  • Joint Messaging and Awareness Development
  • Unified value propositions
  • Dedicated Support for Sales Motions
  • Sales Training on joint solution
  • Event Awareness and promotion
  • Campaign Development on joint alliances calendar
  • Alliance partner Spend and fund management
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“We could not have met such a tight deadline on our own – with Exact Market’s help and guidance we were able to present our joint solution to the market in the best way possible.”
Networking and Infrastructure Leaders


We can help you to increase the value of your partner relationships and grow your revenue opportunities.  Exact Market can help you evaluate “Market-Moving” opportunities for Channel partnering and scale.  We analyze current Channel program offerings, recommend strategies, develop & execute robust program elements for greater ROI.

  • Lack of in-house Channel expertise
  • Lack of knowledge to implement cloud-based tools
  • Need for consistent, cost-effective channel training
  • MDF utilization and ROI
  • Insufficient mindshare with sales
  • Struggle to measure effectiveness of channel programs
  • Market Development Fund Management
  • Lead Generation and Distribution
  • Partner Personas
  • Partner Co-branding/messaging support
  • Market Development Fund Program
  • Multi-Media E-Learning | Training
  • Logo/Branding Support
  • Regular Partner Communications and Updates
  • Promotions and Incentives
  • Deal Registration
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"Exact Market helped us craft an amazing Market Movers initiative from start to finish through product, process and marketing, and the results have spoken for themselves."
Cloud Leader

Product Management & Marketing

We’ve helped organizations increase efficiency and reduce costs with robust Product Management & Product Development solutions across various initiatives. We provide the leadership, process, tools and accountability to help build and improve your product management processes and development cycles.

  • Difficulty organizing around the right products for your market
  • Lack of resources to identify and move on product opportunity and value
  • Need to identify proper product strategy for best results
  • Lack of time and resources to build and execute targeted, accelerated launches
  • Need Best Practices to improve product processes and skillset

Product Ideation

  • Product investment opportunities
  • Target markets and growth

Product Validation

  • Data, metrics, market research and collection of customer feedback
  • Product market fit

Product Discovery

  • Product concepts with customer feedback
  • Minimum viable product
  • Customer proof points supported by data

Product Development

  • Product development from concept to general release
  • Phased, focused, accelerated programs
  • Repeatable success to minimize risk
  • Controlled, managed GTM programs
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"Not only did the team help us release a product our customers want, their expertise kept focus on what was important. The team at Exact addressed challenges and tailor fit a lasting solution to help us reach our product and revenue goals."
Leader in Optical Technology

Training & Enablement

Exact Market’s Best Practices and proven sales training help teams quickly jumpstart their sales motions across geographies and programs. With customized enablement materials delivered through innovative eLearning and in-person methods, we help you educate and engage both inhouse and partner sales teams, setting them on the right course for success.

  • Difficulty standardizing sales training techniques
  • Lack of expertise and resources to define process and prepare onsite and eLearning materials
  • Budget constraints on new technology to create eLearning, video, and audio training
  • Lack of time to customize materials with targeted program focus
  • Need fast time-to-execute for new reps or partners
  • Training evaluation and assessment of skillset
  • Prebuilt tools and process for rapid, customized training
  • Proven best practices in training, learning, testing
  • Modern technology built-in for best in training processes
  • Training materials – presentations, eLearning videos, prepared scripts, manager guidance
  • Assistance with training execution
  • Sales enablement materials – cheatsheets, customer presentations, reference guides, solution and product Quickstart Guides, partner enablement programs
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"Exact Market’s sales enablement tools allowed faster training times and quicker time-to-market and delivered key efficiencies to ramp employees moving to client work."
Leader in Sales for Robotic Automation

Sales and Demand Acceleration

Our expertise in sales and marketing enable us to partner with you to see where your gaps are in achieving the results you want within your critical timelines. We can quickly spot where and how to shrink time-to-market on programs, how to accelerate teams with the right content, and what new, relevant content will trigger the best opportunities.

  • Gaps in targeted program process
  • Inability to identify and drive effective messaging or positioning on key programs or products
  • Lack of resources to define relevant topics and create new content
  • Follow-through on marketing themes and programs for continuous improvement
  • Improve funnel performance
  • Pinpoint, targeted content streams
  • Smart, relevant topical index with themes
  • Vertical and industry expertise
  • Content strategies and creation across communication channels and outreach
  • Innovative tools and content design for the most compelling effect
  • Expert custom material layout, design and on-time delivery
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"Exact Market enabled everyone to work smarter and more effectively through a rare blend of present tense market knowledge, durability in the face of chaotic content challenges, and movement of all players and timelines to achieve real GTM evolution."
Leader in Global Outsourced Sales

Org Transformation & Alignment

Managing change, delivering talent, optimizing your workforce, supporting transitions, and turning data into recommendations that take advantage of your resources.  We will support and drive the change needed to implement critical strategies and initiatives.  We walk alongside your employees and work hard to understand your goals & leadership needs to improve your organization.

  • Lack of organization around product and program management
  • Slow progress on driving programs to closure
  • Lack of metrics to ensure measurability
  • Lack of role definition and responsibilities
  • Difficulty defining and operationalizing path to leadership or critical skills
  • Merger, acquisition, reorganization planning and execution
  • Organizational assessments
  • Change management and developmental planning
  • Customized approach to fit different challenges and cultures
  • Internal scope/structure operating charters
  • Strengthen overall org health and maturity
  • Leadership development (mentoring, individualized training)
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"We needed to accelerate our GTM, but didn’t have resources in place yet. Exact Market became an extension of my team and helped me pull off a complex high-profile project with well-articulated messaging."
Leader in IT Systems Integration and Services
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