Celebrate Earth Day…by eavesdropping on the fish?

Em Earth Day V1.2

Did you know that fish are quite talkative?

Research done by University of Auckland marine scientist Shahriman Ghazali shows that fish communicate with underwater noises like grunts, chirps and pops.1

Now we can give those fish something awesome to talk about!

A lot of “Big Fish” are doing incredible things for the environmental scene and are making strides in cleaning up the only planet we have.

For instance, Google has been carbon neutral since 2007 and has issued $5.75 billion in sustainability bonds, which drive investment in environmental and social initiatives worldwide. Google also helps cities measure, plan, and track ways to reduce the world’s emissions by leveraging their tool, the Environmental Insights Explorer.

General Motors, as another example, is on track to reach zero emissions and will be offering 30 new electric vehicles globally by 2025. GM also offers special pricing to eligible Uber drivers for the purchase of new electric vehicles and charging accessories.

What can you do to chip in for the global green-conscious effort? We have a few suggestions:

  1. Spread the word! No better way to celebrate Earth Day than to remind others about it being Earth Day and encourage them to participate in some way.
  2. Adopt digital docs. As a business, you can cut down on paper waste by printing fewer documents and relying on digital documentation and e-sign services for legal filings.
  3. Support remote work. Funny enough, working from home helps businesses cut down their carbon footprint and creates less in-office waste. It also reduces energy usage with fewer devices and office space overhead being used throughout the day.
  4. Follow the 3Rs – Reuse, reduce, and recycle. Find ways to reuse old equipment, reduce energy usage, and recycle what you can to minimize waste.

What steps have you or your business taken to keep our planet clean and cut down on negative impact on the environment? Let us know how you’ll be celebrating Earth Day and what green initiatives you’ll be committed to throughout the rest of the year.

Happy Earth Day!

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