Going the Last Mile: Connecting IT and Security for Improved Cyber Readiness

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As new and advanced cyber threats emerge, keeping businesses safe is a team sport. At the center is IT and security, two critical lynchpins in defending, preserving, and driving daily operations. Yet, despite their overlapping charters and inherent dependencies, some are still being caught flat-footed when preparing for and responding to cyber threats. While the

From Cost to Catalyst: Quantifying the Value of Cybersecurity

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How do you show business leaders the value of cybersecurity investments? Executives naturally gravitate toward initiatives with a clear return on investment (ROI). But traditionally, cybersecurity has been viewed as a cost center, an overhead, and a necessary business expense. Today, there is a growing focus on approaching cybersecurity as a profit center, turning it

Navigating a Career—or a Career Pivot—in Cybersecurity

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The cybersecurity industry has a 3.4-million-person shortage—that’s a massive opportunity for job seekers.1 Have you ever wondered how to build a meaningful career in cybersecurity? Or, if you are a business leader seeking to grow your cybersecurity team, do you know what to look for in a strong candidate? Read on for answers to those

Redefining the Cybersecurity Playbook: Moving Beyond Technology

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It’s the 20th annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and we have much to share! Over the last two decades, cybersecurity awareness has evolved from organizations simply focusing on technology to leaders understanding that it takes a holistic perspective to safeguard their business. Today, securing digital assets and infrastructure isn’t just a technical challenge but an organizational

Cybersecurity Central: Top Trends from RSA Conference 2023

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Last week, the Exact Market team had the tremendous pleasure of attending one of America’s premier cybersecurity conferences, RSA Conference 2023, at Moscone Center in San Francisco. It was thrilling to join thousands of the world’s foremost cybersecurity authorities and practitioners for a couple of days chock full of engaging and educational presentations and riveting

Stressed Out: Why CISOs Are at Risk of Job Burnout

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Cyberthreats are just one of many stressors for today’s CISOs Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are vital to modern business, charged with securing proprietary data, sensitive customer information, systems, and more. But the role can be difficult, with vague or varied responsibilities contributing to high stress and ultimately burnout. A 2022 CISO survey found that

Looks Like a Good Day for Data Privacy

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Sharing personal data online has become so commonplace, we often don’t even recognize when it’s happening. Much of our private info is swimming around somewhere, waiting to be picked up by virtual snoopers or stolen in a corporate breach. That could be our name and address, financial info, shopping habits, photos, travel plans, medical history,

Don’t Leave Data Security at Home When Traveling for the Holidays

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Enjoy more cybersecurity cheer for the season with this checklist The holidays are a strange mix of stress and rest—packed schedules and end-of-year projects being wrapped up so people can take a vacation and enjoy the presents wrapped under the tree. It’s a time of parties and amazing treats. It’s a time for travel and

‘Tis the Season for Online Shopping Scams

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Learn how to recognize common attacks and shop safer this holiday season The biggest online shopping days of the year are almost here, but hidden amidst the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are cybercriminals hoping to make a profit. Cyber Monday was the busiest online shopping day of 2021 with $10.7B in sales,1 and

Proven Practices for Proficient VM Protection Policy

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Virtual machines (VMs) can be pivotal for helping your business develop and test products, solutions, and processes, modernizing its technology stack, and migrating systems and infrastructure to the cloud. If your organization’s virtualized environment is fully cloud-native, then the protection capabilities provided by the VM vendor should most likely suffice. However, recent analysis regarding cloud