It’s Coming From Inside the House

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One of the biggest security risks is inside your organization As Cybersecurity Awareness Month draws to a close, it’s time for something a little scary just in time for Halloween. The title of this post draws from a popular horror movie trope—the calls are coming from inside the house—that originated in the 1974 film Black

Protect Information with Mobile Security Best Practices

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Proven strategies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars With the ever-increasing prevalence of work-from-home and hybrid working models, employees are more apt and even encouraged to handle potentially sensitive corporate information while working on mobile devices. With the continued rise in cyberattacks and material breaches, increasing 15.1% and 24.5%, respectively, YoY from 2020 to

The See-Saw of Cybersecurity Business Motivators

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Proven strategies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars As noted in our kick-off post, the theme for this year’s cybersecurity awareness month campaign in the U.S. is “See Yourself in Cyber.” This is an excellent place to start. But we mustn’t forget about the other side of the equation. Your business objectives should define

SBOM: The Starting Point for Software Supply Chain Security

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As concerns grow over how cybersecurity attacks on any single software supply chain component can impact the entire application and business ecosystem, it’s time to take a close look at your own enterprise applications. This activity starts by examining all your Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs). The term SBOM emerged from the Bill of Materials

Celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month with Exact Market!

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While there’s a whole month dedicated to cybersecurity, it is definitely a 24/7/365 effort for any company out there. Most days, it seems like new threats are popping up for full frontal assaults on your data while plenty more lurk in the shadows just waiting to catch your organization off-guard. The current cyber threat landscape

Three Ways to Reduce the Cost of a Data Breach

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Proven strategies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars The average cost of a data breach in 2022 is $4.35 million USD, according to the 2022 Cost of a Data Breach report published by IBM Security and Ponemon Institute.1 That’s an all-time high. The report also looks at factors that impact the total cost of

Ethical Considerations for Corporate Data Collection and Usage

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As data management underlies almost all areas of organizational operations, the way in which that data is collected (or procured) and used has been the topic of intense focus and legislative debate. This area is often called “data ethics” and is the purview of analysts, data scientists, and IT professionals. For anyone in your organization

What could possibly be worse than ransomware?

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64X greater damage than familiar data breaches Ransomware is often top-of-mind when you discuss cybersecurity threats with just about anyone in any industry. The threat of having all your business data stripped away and held under virtual lock and key until a hefty ransom is paid can give many an executive a sleepless night. However,

Why you should consider zero trust for your hybrid workforce

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Flexible work models require a different security philosophy Just a few years ago, many cybersecurity teams operated using a philosophy of “trust but verify.” If you were on the corporate network, either directly or via VPN, you were trusted and given full access. But workplaces and work devices have changed. We’ve moved from a small