Exact Market Reveals the Art and Science of Product Management on its New Website

Exact Market adds a new product management service entitled emMPaaS™ Cloud: Product to its list of channel marketing services. The new website offers a wealth of information on how this expert service can help businesses in becoming more product driven. Read more

Exact Market Releases Product Messaging and Positioning Guide

Exact Market has announced the availability of a new, complimentary guide that educates businesses on the importance of following a proven process for developing optimal product messaging and positioning. Copies are available immediately, upon request to: pr(at)exactmarket(dot)com. Read more

Exact Market Expands Product Management Division

Exact Market has announced the expansion of the product management division of the organization. The established Silicon Valley-based firm further branches out into product management-focused training and solutions, as its customer base continues to grow. Read more

Exact Market Unveils New Channel Service With emMPaaS™ Cloud: Channel

Exact Market, the established Silicon Valley-based marketing firm, has announced that it now offers channel management as part of its unique subscription-based marketing model. emMPaaS™ Cloud: Channel is an innovative approach to channel management that offers businesses unlimited access to channel experts and guarantees 35 percent savings from traditional channel consulting fees. Read more

Exact Market Introduces 6 New Ways to Approach Meetings in the 21st Century

Exact Market, the Silicon Valley-based marketing firm, has released a new template designed to help business owners stay current with the rapidly evolving business meeting. In it, the company’s founders argue that business leaders must rethink what they know about meetings and begin to take a 21st Century approach to outdated ideas.

Entitled “Embracing the Future: Exact Market’s Template for Hosting Successful Business Meetings in the 21st Century”, the guideline helps business leaders run productive meetings in a new business climate. Tips include: Read more

Exact Market Outlines a New, Empathic Approach to Customer Service

Exact Market, the Silicon Valley-based marketing firm, has unveiled its most recent business self-improvement guide. This game-changing new approach to customer service is unprecedented because it does not focus only on damage control, but offers ways for businesses to provide evolving, proactive customer care.

Entitled “What’s Going on in There? How to Use Empathy to Provide Superior Customer Care”, the best practices document outlines how businesses can be more empathic and thus drastically improve the quality of their customer service. This “empathy guide” has four guiding principles. Read more

Exact Market Offers Seven Ways to Determine if Your Business is Ready for the Cloud

Exact Market has released a simple set of questions that can help businesses of all sizes determine if they are ready to make the transition to cloud-based computing services.

While cloud computing offers numerous possibilities to outsource critical IT functions, deciding if these cloud services are right for a business can be challenging. That’s why Exact Market has compiled a list of questions and a brief exclamation to help organizations decide. The more “yes” answers an organization gives, the more likely it is ready for the cloud. Read more

Five Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit from the Cloud are Presented by Exact Market

The cloud has revolutionized the way business is conducted. Now Exact Market has revealed some of the top ways small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can benefit from cloud computing. Read more

The Best Practices for Telecommuting are Outlined by Exact Market

Having employees who work from home certainly has its benefits for both the company and the employees. Companies can save money related to office costs, while employees working from home benefit from reduced commute times, better work/life balance and are generally happier.

Yet working from home can have its distractions as well. It’s important that an employee who works from home learns the best way to do so; otherwise he/she can end up not being productive at all. Read more

Exact Market Releases emMPaaS™: Cloud Small

Exact Market, the established Silicon Valley-based marketing firm, has announced that it will now offer its innovative and subscription-based marketing model to small businesses.

emMPaaS™: Cloud Small allows small businesses to take advantage of Exact Market’s revolutionary approach to marketing. This marketing model provides unlimited, high-quality and full-service marketing on a quarterly subscription basis. This unique marketing model offers a guaranteed ROI of at least 35 percent. Read more

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