Exact Market rated in the top 25% of sustainability business performers by EcoVadis

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Exciting news! Exact Market has recently received the EcoVadis Silver Sustainability Rating for 2022. Why is this a big deal?

EcoVadis is a globally trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, delivering unique, data-driven insight into corporate sustainability performance across more than 200 industry categories, 160 countries, and 65,000 companies of all sizes. The Silver Rating places the recipient within the top 25% of organizations and involves four sustainability themes: Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement.

Sustainability is defined by how an organization performs in environmental, social, and ethical spheres, as well as how transparent it is in communicating these practices to its partners and stakeholders.

Our CEO, Susie Almaneih, celebrated the rating announcement, saying, “This is a result of constantly looking at ourselves and asking how we can bring sustainability into everything we do. How else can we improve the lives of those we engage with both professionally and personally? It’s not just about finishing projects well, but also factoring in the long-term impact we’re making for our customers, our own team members, their families, and generations after us.”

For Exact Market, sustainability reflects our core values of relationship-building and trust, delivering value in every possible way through the work done on a customer’s behalf. This means not just getting top-quality work done, but doing so in the most conscientious and resourceful manner possible.

Our team also deals with sustainability as we operate with a fully remote workforce. In the virtual office space, we’re always aiming to be conscious of how significant environmental issues are addressed and how we can support labor and human rights and ethics.

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