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CES 2023 recap

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 is an annual anchor for those who want an exciting vision of where our wired (and wireless) world is heading. And at Exact Market, we are always on the lookout for what is cool, new, and different.

Here are a handful of standouts from the 2023 showcase:

  • Flying cars! – Aside from interplanetary transporters and alien first contact, flying cars have been a mainstay of “the future” as envisioned in the Golden Age of science fiction. And now that reality is here. It’s fun to learn about the ASKA A5 VTOL flying car prototype, which aims to become a commercial success.1
  • Self-driving…things – The automotive industry had a huge footprint in this year’s events, with demos including streaming games in the car and more sustainability-oriented EV models. As self-driving tech remains in the news almost every day (with both positive and negative headlines), mobility products were popular, ranging from numerous autonomous car models to…a $3,300 self-driving stroller.2
    It also noted the return of the Indy Autonomous Challenge, with AI-driven racecars taking their laps for a $1 million prize.3
  • Augmented reality – Virtual reality and augmented reality continue to make strides in projection tech, with a mix of entertainment and industry applications. Holograms and glasses-free 3D projection were on prominent display, as well as extremely realistic AI chatbots projected via 3D avatars that are tricky to distinguish from the real thing.
  • Screens galore – TVs and mobile screen rollouts are usually a pretty big deal at CES, and this year proved no different. There were folding screens. Sliding screens. Projector screens. Wraparound phone screens that can be worn like a bracelet. But one of the biggest reveals was LG’s new wireless TV,4 which is impressive for eliminating all those wires we hate plugging into our entertainment units.
  • Wearable technology – Smartwatches aren’t all that new, but AI advancements continue to increase their functionality and ability to improve our lives. Beyond tracking steps and sleep cycles, the newer models are now able to incorporate data to monitor everything from our alertness and fatigue to overall mental wellbeing.5

As these new technologies and trends continue to gain market traction, it will be exciting to see what sticks for the long-term and shifts how whole industries operate. The smallest changes and updates can have a significant impact on how we do business—and even an improved battery life or smoother user interface can help us achieve greater potential.

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