The Future of Business Efficiency, Agility, and Innovation is Built with Hyperautomation

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If it can be automated…make it so. Automation is a significant operational buzzword for any organization these days, but a related one is gaining traction and may eventually replace the former altogether. Hyperautomation. No, it’s not lingo stolen from your favorite sci-fi show about how fast a ship travels through space. Though there is potential

Pharma 4.0 Promises Improvements in Speed, Cost, and Quality

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The digital transformation initiative behind pharmaceutical industry modernization You’ve probably heard about Industry 4.0, but how about Pharma 4.0? Just as advances in technology and connectivity are creating a leap forward for industries such as manufacturing, they’re also enabling big changes in the pharmaceutical industry. ISPE, the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering, has created the

Sometimes You See Them, Sometimes Not: Either Way, the Digital Worker Is Here

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Remote process automation brings efficiency, expediency, and scalability to integrated workflows Are you tired of doing the same mundane tasks over and over at work? Are there steps in the business process that just don’t make sense? Or are there frustrating areas of your daily routine that force you to do things that delay the

Taking Data Management to the Physical Realm


Rethinking “phygital” operations and oversight Most organizations have relied on digital tech stacks within data ecosystems to manage operations and advance business growth. The physical tech stack has historically been of less importance and focus, with a few elements such as network access points and the physical data center infrastructure coming into play for budget

Digital Threads Will Create Better Products, Faster


Exploring the possibilities of connecting the digital and physical worlds The Internet of Things (IoT) and digital twins are becoming common in several industries, from aircraft manufacturing to utilities. These virtual representations use real-time data to represent a physical object, meaning they can be monitored remotely and be used in simulations to make testing and

Telco’s Tech Transformation


How communication service providers are changing from the inside out From telco to techco Telcos are going through an era of transformation—not just a digital transformation but in their service offerings and business models as well. The ROI on network infrastructure investments has trended downward for the past decade1, leading telcos to seek out new

The Future of the Workplace Is Virtual and Augmented

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How AR and VR are transforming the realities in the ways we work Two prominent and related technologies poised to transform practically every industry are virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). To clarify the difference, virtual reality creates whole artificial, digital environments that users can interact with through immersive audio-visual headsets, handheld controllers, or