The Importance of Platform Engineering for Software’s Future

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One of the primary purposes of technology is to automate tasks to free up people’s time and resources. For many organizations the modern software development lifecycle has become convoluted and bogged down by the bloat of applications and systems required to ideate, write, test, and deploy the software. On average, organizations use 130 SaaS applications,

The Lurking Danger of Technical Debt

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Software modernization is expensive, but not modernizing can cost even more “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Sometimes it’s the right move, but applying that adage to software can potentially result in disaster when it finally does break. Many companies are reticent to upgrade legacy software due to the cost or inconvenience. Unfortunately, that’s

Software Usability Is for Highly-Technical Security Professionals, Too!

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Security operations teams deserve usable tools, data and workflows so they can succeed in their role In the realm of software development, usability is defined as “the degree to which specified users can use a piece of software to achieve quantified objectives with effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction in a quantified context of use.”1 As software

From Shareware to FOSS: A History of (Mostly) Free Software

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There’s a holiday for just about everything. Case in point: International Shareware Day is the second Saturday in December, and this year it falls on December 10th. The creation of the holiday is attributed to actor and podcast pioneer David Lawrence in the mid 1990s.1 His goal was to recognize programmers who share their work