More than Insight: Extracting Business Value from Data Analytics

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Real-time data analytics, insights, and observability will shape the future of business In a previous blog post, Analytics is the New Green, we noted that roughly 65% of global enterprises planned to increase their analytics spending that year. Now, this year, many CIOs have placed data analytics and warehousing as the third most important area

AnalyticOps – Making Data Digestible Across All Organizational Levels

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It’s a bit of a Catch-22 to improve organizational operations through analytics. As business data is gathered and processed, analytics experts can glean insights and develop new strategies that can help improve workflow efficiency or generate better outcomes, such as higher revenue and faster times to market. The problem arises when the analytics system itself

Understanding the Growth and Impact of Predictive Analytics

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One major trend in business intelligence and data management is one that’s dedicated to forecasting future trends so organizations can take profitable advantage of them. Companies are heavily investing in a method known as predictive analytics, so much so that the predictive analytics market is expected to grow its $10 million benchmark in 2020 to