Join the Download Frenzy for National Download Day

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Funny enough, today is a holiday not many people are aware of—but almost everyone participates in. National Download Day!

Nowadays, our smartphones are less just phones and more portable work and entertainment centers that happen to make phone calls and text messages. And the number of global smartphone active user accounts is over six billion, forecasted to grow by several hundred million in the next few years.1

We download a massive number of apps and files so our phones and tablets keep everything we need—be it news, humor, fitness and health, finances, or friends—at our fingertips. In fact, the global app market is forecasted to reach $614 billion by 2025.2 Thus, National Download Day was born of our ever-increasing appetite for digital content.

What is National Download Day?

First recognized in 2015, December 28th is now officially National Download Day. Why this day? Well, after all the hubbub of the holiday season, now that Christmas is over and everyone is looking to the new year, it’s one of the first times in a few months when people can sit back and relax. And where do we most often turn to for relaxation? Our devices, where game apps and media apps and social circles eagerly await our attention. Not to mention, many people have been gifted new devices, toys, or subscriptions that require downloads to access, and this day sees some of the highest download rates all year round!

How to celebrate National Download Day

It’s easy enough. Just download an app or file on your device of preference and you’re already participating. You may have even already done that today. Want to take it a step further? Here are several ways you can add some extra layers to the fun:

  • Organize your downloaded files to improve accessibility on your device, find and delete unused apps, and help your device run optimally
  • Check your security measures so malware, compromised apps, and other unwanted intrusions don’t damage your device or pilfer your personal data
  • Enjoy that book, movie, or music you just downloaded—don’t let it just take up virtual space!
  • Explore new digital content options and sources, such as finding a new favorite author or enjoying a newly released movie through a digital streaming service
  • Download an app to learn a new skill

Lastly, share the download love by recommending favorite sites and sources with friends and family so they can enjoy the experiences. And then clue them in to the holiday so they’re aware of the fun to be had.

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