Social Media – What Your Company Should NOT Be Doing

With the emergence of social media in both personal and professional aspects the past decade, it’s easy to get swept up in the trend just because you think your business should have a presence.  While that may in fact be true if you’re easily able to reach your target audience in the given outlet, some companies haven’t found success turning to social media for marketing efforts.  Sometimes it’s not the appropriate forum for your particular product/target customer, but other times it’s because the business hasn’t been using social media correctly.

You may have a lot of great ideas for what your company should do as far as social media accounts go, but it’s equally as important to know what you should NOT be doing….

Don’t worry about building a base of followers too quickly.

When you first open a business account on, say Twitter, you may get a lot of followers who are quite responsive.  While audience acquisition may initially be great, there comes a point
at which the growth of audience members who provide business value will plateau.  Don’t panic and offer meaningless incentives.  It is not productive to bring in likes and followers at the expense of everything else. If you are creating content for an audience that is unlikely to engage with your company, you’re training people to ignore your information.  It may actually be beneficial to not build your network too quickly; this can assist in getting the right audience rather than just building numbers.

Don’t go lax on your account.

A major mistake companies can make is not keeping current with managing social media accounts.  If there isn’t a designated person responsible for coordinating the communications, it can look like your company is stale or not concerned about messages received from end users.  For example, if a Twitter follower has a problem with a product or service your company offers and tweets about it, and your business doesn’t respond for weeks, that can actually make the situation worse.  In addition, if your Facebook page isn’t updated for months, it can seem like your company has no news to report, and nothing is happening.

Don’t forget to network.

Just as you would in real-life, to make connections and grow your brand, you need to build relationships. Social media isn’t any different. If your impression is good enough you might be able to work in a few word-of-mouth shout-outs.

Don’t come across as needy or desperate.

Avoid asking your Twitter followers for a re-tweet or begging Facebook friends to “like” your post.  Get creative to accomplish these tasks, but learn how to disguise the end goal.

Don’t use too much automation.

Even if it can make things easier, you lose the personal touch with customers if it sounds like a computer is speaking to them. “Human-ize” your brand to make the engagement experience for the customer more personable.

Don’t overshare.

Remember, once you post something on the Internet, it doesn’t go away. Sure you can delete the post, but you don’t know who may have already seen it and saved the information before you deleted it.  Never underestimate anything. Take care of the privacy settings, including protecting your passwords.


Social media use can certainly be a big “do” when it comes to your business and its marketing efforts.  If you keep in mind the “don’ts” discussed in this post, your effort should be that much more successful.

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