Exact Market Offers Seven Ways to Determine if Your Business is Ready for the Cloud

Businesses can ask seven simple questions to help them decide when to make the leap into the cloud

Exact Market has released a simple set of questions that can help businesses of all sizes determine if they are ready to make the transition to cloud-based computing services.

While cloud computing offers numerous possibilities to outsource critical IT functions, deciding if these cloud services are right for a business can be challenging. That’s why Exact Market has compiled a list of questions and a brief exclamation to help organizations decide. The more “yes” answers an organization gives, the more likely it is ready for the cloud.

1. Would you prefer to outsource your communications and allow your staff to focus on other tasks? 

Cloud communications is a hosted infrastructure, so businesses don’t need to invest in an on-premise infrastructure or provide ongoing maintenance. This frees up IT staff to focus on other processes that can help an organization become more competitive.

2. Are you looking for greater flexibility and control over your users and their services? 

With the ability to add features and users as needed, cloud communications scales along with a business, giving greater control over communications, as well as predictable billing.

3. Are you seeking to integrate numerous devices (computers, desk phones, mobile phones, etc.) for greater mobility and access to critical company data? 

Cloud communications can help organizations increase mobility for their workers, which can make them more productive. Plus, more devices can be incorporated into work-based tasks.

4. Are you frustrated with managing multiple vendors and bills, and would you like to streamline them into one provider? 

One of the benefits of the cloud is that organizations can combine multiple services, such as Internet, communications, applications, storage, security and more.

5. Are you looking to reduce capital expenditures? 

Cloud communications can provide significant cost savings compared with on-premise IT architectures, which often require ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

6. Do you have a mobile staff, or would your employees benefit from advanced mobility features? 

The cloud can help organizations take advantage of mobile access to company data, allowing employees to work from multiple locations.

7. Would you like your IT staff focused on other projects? 

Without any expensive hardware to purchase and maintain, a businesses IT department can focus on other company IT projects.

About Exact Market

Exact Market is an established Silicon Valley-based marketing company who provides innovative, comprehensive and successful marketing campaigns and services for Fortune 100 companies to smaller businesses. For more information visit: https://exactmarket.com

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