Sales Enablement in the Tech Space: Make Your List this Season, and Check It Twice

It’s been proven that an effective sales enablement program can deliver the gift of greater sales all year through. Having the right assets in place at the moment a rep needs them is critical to sales success. Your sales reps must be prepared to have meaningful conversations at every step of the technology sales cycle, supported by information that the product and marketing teams distribute. But simply supplying collateral is not enough to ensure impactful outcomes.

Businesses whose sales and marketing teams are aligned achieve 208% higher marketing revenue when compared to misaligned teams. -Hubspot

84% of reps achieve quota at companies with best-in-class sales enablement strategies. -Aberdeen

So what do you need to keep in mind as you make your list as to what should (or should not) go into your specific sales enablement efforts?

Santa has his own journey, and so do your customers.

While understanding the product (or service) involved is important, it doesn’t necessarily help the sales rep understand the customer journey. Much like Santa’s on-the-go route every year, each customer has its own distinctive journey. The sales enablement team can help by aligning that journey to what marketing understands and with the sales cycle that the sales team understands, in order to bring about a more compelling and effective approach to sales conversations – ones that move prospects through the funnel.

Using a persona can neatly wrap up the problem and solution.

Not only do sales reps need to speak to a customer’s desire to solve a problem, but they must also shift their approach depending on the audience. When it comes to technology purchasing decisions, several people in the organization will have a say, from the CEO down to the end user, and all must be persuaded in a way that relates to their personal situation.

Presents never seem to be “one size fits all.” Neither is sales enablement training.

Every sales rep comes in with a unique set of skills, experience, and aptitude. A common attitude is that a couple different training classes will arm new reps with everything they need to be successful. That’s fine if you’re selling a vacuum cleaner, but not when it comes to something like sophisticated technology solutions. Sales reps need a plethora of information, from market changes, disrupting technology trends, to competitive alternatives, and even regional dynamics. They all affect the customer journey, and thus the sales rep must be able to speak intelligently and provide the correct guidance through every phase of the journey. This is done through a variety of tools, including training, but also battle cards, analyst research, playbooks, demos, and more.

Make onboarding and certifications the star that tops the sales enablement tree.

Implementing standards and repeatable processes around onboarding and learning ensures a consistent experience for new reps coming in and creates a baseline for measuring a rep’s progress in coming up-to-speed. Without the proper initiation, sales reps waste major time making mistakes, missing key information, and expending unnecessary effort by not understanding what’s available to them, or expected of them. Furthermore, sales reps that don’t feel they are supported or set up for success, are at a greater risk of leaving.

Sales enablement is a unique intersection of product, marketing, strategy, sales, and operations. By fine-tuning your efforts now, and creating a stable set of messages centered around customer pain points and needed business outcomes, you make less work for yourself, and sales is truly enabled to take on a customer-centric, and successful, approach to selling. That will not only keep you on the “nice” list, but also be a gift to your entire organization – one that just keeps on giving.



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