Organizations Can Fly High with Exact Market and the Patriots Jet Team

Exact Market and the Patriots Jet Team partner to offer exciting, motivational and inspirational opportunities for special events.

Exact Market is proud to announce exciting new marketing opportunities for organizations through a partnership with the Patriots Jet Team. Now the Patriots Jet Team’s world-class pilots and their powerful jets are available for in-air, onsite and online events that can help inspire, promote teamwork and motivate. Also, their hangar can be used as a truly original event space.  

The Patriots Jet Team consists of highly skilled and talented pilots, some of which are former members of the renowned Thunderbirds, Blue Angels and Snowbirds. They fly some of the fastest jets in the world and perform highly skilled acrobatic maneuvers at air shows and other events.  

Exact Market now offers numerous marketing opportunities with the Patriots Jet Team, including:  

Onsite Events

Exact Market offers comprehensive event marketing services, from the concept through the event launch. The addition of the Patriots Jet Team offers thrilling new ways to host events, including the Patriots Jet Team hangar as an intriguing and awe-inspiring venue for events. Plus, the world-class pilots are available for keynote and speaking engagements at sales conferences, marketing events, and other corporate meetings.  

Air Events

Now businesses have the opportunity to impress and promote with air events featuring the Patriots Jet Team, including air show appearances, air impression branding, professional sport stadium flyovers and more. The West Coast market offers six different air shows with opportunities.  

Online Meeting – Speaker and Online Flight Center

To add some additional impact to online, cloud-based events, Patriot Jet Team members can inspire with stories about their flight journeys and unique insights into challenging situations.  

Exact Market is excited to offer organizations the unique opportunity to motivate and inspire at corporate events with the power and grace of Patriots Jet Team aircraft and the pilots that fly them. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the creative ways companies can leverage the exciting opportunities with the Patriots Jet Team.   

To learn more about this powerful partnership between Exact Market and the Patriots Jet Team, please contact us or call 408-335-0390.

About the Patriots Jet Team
Assembled from World Class professional pilots, The Patriot Jet Team features pilots who were formerly part of the World Renowned U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, U.S. Navy Blue Angels and Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds. This exciting flying team of talented pilots have logged more than 80,000 hours of flight time and performed in more than 1,500 air shows. The group was founded in 2002 and is based near San Francisco, in Byron, CA. Its goal is to entertain audiences at air shows and other events, while encouraging the nation’s youth towards careers in the aviation and aerospace fields.

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