How to “Newsjack” to Amplify your Marketing Campaign

In our always connected world of information, it’s a challenging task to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. Yet with news breaking and disseminated every day, marketers have a unique opportunity to “newsjack”, or ride the popularity of a breaking story, or event, to boost their marketing success.

In our previous post we gave some examples of newsjacking in the 2013 Super Bowl and Academy Awards. Now we’re outlining what you can do to create successful newsjacking campaigns, as outlined by Hubspot.

Set Up Alerts

While you can spend an entire day sifting through the Internet, it’s best to set up an RSS feed that includes major news outlets and industry publications to alert you to major news stories, as well as industry-specific news if you like. Plus, use social media, particularly Twitter, as a means of stumbling upon newsjacking opportunities. We use our own social media monitoring tool to set up mentions of terms we’d like to monitor for, and perhaps newsjack!

Check Keyword Search Volume

Once you find the story you want to newsjack, you’ll need to create some content around it. But first, research the search volume around variations of the keyword phrase you’d like to target. Hubspot gives the example of the phrase:  ”what is the google panda update”, which has an approximate global monthly search of 14,800, while the phrase “google panda update explanation” has no search volume.

Read About Your Topic

It’s helpful to find the primary source of the news story you select and see what others have already written about it. This allows you to understand the story better, and to maintain originality and credibility by crafting something unique.

Write Quickly, but Accurately

Time is of the essence when you newsjack, since you want to be the first to respond to a news story. As long as your content is accurate and has been read through once by a trusted colleague, it should most likely work.

Get the Word Out

The last step to a successful newsjacking is marketing your marketing. Get the word out and let people know about your story. You can reach out to your social networks and let them know about your new newsjacked content.

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