Exact Market Unveils New Channel Service With emMPaaS™ Cloud: Channel

Exact Market adds channel management to its innovative marketing model.

Exact Market, the established Silicon Valley-based marketing firm, has announced that it now offers channel management as part of its unique subscription-based marketing model. emMPaaS™ Cloud: Channel is an innovative approach to channel management that offers businesses unlimited access to channel experts and guarantees 35 percent savings from traditional channel consulting fees.

Utilizing the power of cloud-based computing, emMPaaS™ Cloud: Channel provides businesses with unlimited channel management services. Exact Market’s dedicated team of experts provides guidance through each channel stage: Prospecting > Qualification > Project Management > Metrics, Reporting and Auditing.

Exact Market’s revolutionary flat-fee approach to marketing and channel consulting is unprecedented in the industry. It allows businesses to drive revenue and increase ROI without increasing marketing budgets. Unlike traditional pay-per-service approaches, emMPaaS™ Cloud: Channel’s pricing structure offers businesses unlimited access to services and materials without additional costs.

Exact Market is propelling the channeling efforts of businesses into successful results through the groundbreaking emMPaaS™ Cloud: Channel. To learn more about how organizations can benefit from emMPaaS™: Cloud Channel, visit: https://exactmarket.com/emmpaas-cloud/channel/

About Exact Market 

Exact Market is an established Silicon Valley-based marketing company that provides innovative, comprehensive and successful marketing campaigns and services for companies of every size: from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses. For more information visit: https://www.exactmarket.com

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