Exact Market Reveals How Small Businesses Can Look Like Big Businesses

Exact Market provides some of the top ways small businesses can compete with larger corporations

Small businesses may seem like David facing Goliath when they compete against larger corporations, but it turns out they, like David, do stand a chance. Exact Market reveals how small businesses can compete against larger corporations and maybe even steal away some business from the larger corporations.

A small business can not only rival bigger businesses, but also give the impression it does act like a big business. The following are some key ways small businesses can do so:

Reach out

Social media has helped level the playing field, allowing small businesses to communicate and reach out more than ever. Large corporations are often unapproachable since they hide behind automated customer service departments and online contact forms. Yet small businesses can reach out through Twitter, Facebook and more to increase their communication and exposure.


One way is to take to heart the feedback that they get from surveys. A survey allows a consumer to evaluate and suggest ways that the company can change to make the shopping experience better. Large corporations have long learned the art of listening.


Employees are the backbone of every company that has ever existed. They are the ones who do the work and keep things going. A good owner of a small business will ask for the opinions and ideas from their employees. Workers who feel connected to their job produce more and are more productive. This means that the business will also be that much farther ahead because of productive employees.


Small businesses can steal customers from big companies by specializing to meet the needs of a target demographic. Since a lot of large corporations try to provide a large diversity of offerings, they can stretch themselves thin. In a world dominated by mass production, customers often appreciate the extra effort taken by a small company to create a refined product.

About Exact Market 

Exact Market is an established Silicon Valley-based marketing company who provides innovative, comprehensive and successful marketing campaigns and services for Fortune 100 companies to smaller businesses. For more information visit: https://www.exactmarket.com

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