Five Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit from the Cloud are Presented by Exact Market

Exact Market outlines some of the top ways small businesses can benefit from cloud computing

The cloud has revolutionized the way business is conducted. Now Exact Market has revealed some of the top ways small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can benefit from cloud computing.

1. Act like a Large Corporation

Small businesses now have greater access to the computing resources they want through the cloud, without having to make expensive capital investments or licensing. This can help small businesses act like, and appear to be, a larger corporation.

2. Reduced Costs 

Since cloud computing allows organizations to outsource IT, they save on expensive on-premise hardware, licensing costs and IT costs to maintain the systems.

3. Scalability 

Cloud services can be easily increased or decreased to scale to the need, at any point in time.

4. Ease of Implementation 

Cloud computing often allows organizations to easily implement different IT services. Plus, updates are typically done automatically.

5. Mobility 

By having cloud services like hosted software, storage and multiple device connectivity, workers can benefit from greater mobility to access company information and applications wherever they may be.

About Exact Market 

Exact Market is an established Silicon Valley-based marketing company who provides innovative, comprehensive and successful marketing campaigns and services for Fortune 100 companies to smaller businesses. For more information visit:

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