emMPaaS™ Cloud: Product

emMPaaS™ Cloud: Product does just this – keeps your product first, allowing you to develop the product your customers really want, as you ensure optimal product-market fit.

More than a one-time fix, we implement best practices with your team along the way for repeatable success, as well as an overall improved product development process, while always maintaining a customer-centric approach.  We will support you on:

  • Modern product development (and/or third-party integration) through to a successful product launch
  • Improving the product development processes and skill sets.
  • Extending your team’s resources with expert product leaders

“Exact Market’s emMPaaS™ Cloud: Product and team of smart product managers and marketers that helped us get ahead of our roadmap and build our internal team.” Get the full story.

Product Development:

The Art and Science of Product Management
Focus your product development on defining strategy, as well as managing ideation, validation, and development, while including real customer input to deliver the products your customers want.

Strategize: Create thorough strategies that align with the products and offerings your customers want.

Define and Manage: Map out product development processes to position your company for success and speed time to market.

Develop: Implement best practices for repeatable success and improved products and offerings.

Refine: Include real customer input to deliver the products your customers want.

Product Training:

Elevate Your Organization
Provide your organization with Product Development Training focused on understanding critical development steps, obtaining speed to market, finding product market fit, and implementing best practices that work within your organization.

Process the Process: Address common product development challenges to include implementing a process that works, improving time to market, offering products customers want.

Best Practice Implementation: Build, implement and put to practice, customized best practices that work within your organization.

Value the Value: We work with you to develop the value skillset on how to gain customer feedback, launch successful beta programs, and set up sales for winning early on new products.

Product Resource:

Introduce Your Organization to Resources
Maximize your company product development with product resource support focused on closing the gap within your organization, and helping you allocate resources more efficiently.

Strengthen the Strong: Reach out beyond your team and leverage our experts and skillset as needed. Collaborate with our team and strengthen any element of product development or to launch your product to market quicker.

Inform and Collaborate: Effectively utilize best in class Project Management approaches to keep your stakeholders informed and brought into a fully collaborative effort.

Thicken the Spread: Reinforce your resources with initiatives including: evaluating product anywhere in lifecycle, sales success, 3rd party product integration and more.

Pick your emMPaaS™ Cloud path with Exact Market. Simply identify what you need done and the types of services you require and we can set you on the fast track to savings.  All subscriptions include project management.

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