Out with the old…in with the new?

According to Adobe, 76% of professional marketers think marketing has changed more in the past two years than in the past 50.  Of course digital marketing is the driving force behind these radical modifications.  But how has the digital marketing realm affected the use of more traditional marketing methods?

To begin to answer this question, it’s important to define all that the term digital marketing encompasses.  First used in the 1990s, digital marketing makes use of electronic devices such as personal computerssmartphonescellphonestablets, and game consoles to engage with stakeholders.  Digital marketing applies technologies or platforms such as websites, e-mail, apps (classic and mobile) and social networks.

So this all sounds familiar to us, and great, but what about our old school standbys?  Billboards, print ads, radio and television commercials, mailers, brochures, jingles……..do these means no longer play a role in successful marketing efforts?

Not necessarily.  What is important is to identify the right marketing tactics for you.  For many businesses, traditional marketing methods are still extremely suitable for reaching your audience and are going to be beneficial to the bottom line.  That can’t be ignored.  Prior to the execution of any marketing campaign, extensive research and planning should take place to know your audience and how to best reach them.  You may want to consider:

Reachability: When can you most effectively reach your audience?  When they are driving to work?  When they need to make a quick, important decision?  Or when they’re browsing the Internet in the evening while watching television?

Where are your customers?  If they don’t use Facebook or Twitter, do you need a presence there?  Also, if you’re going to advertise online, it’s imperative to find the right sites to place your ads.

Online Habits: When people visit your website, for how long do they stay?  How do they get there in the first place?  Is your audience very young or older?

How can you get the best impact from your investments?  The number of people you reach is not as important as reaching the right people. 

Understanding such factors will help you to determine which marketing techniques will make the biggest impression on your target audience.  You might find that sticking with traditional tactics is still the best method, or that the ROI on digital tactics is the best marketing spend.  But possibly, a mix of both will enhance the other…and accomplish your goals.

With that said, while so much focus has been placed on digital marketing in recent years, it certainly doesn’t mean traditional methods are obsolete.  In fact, now when they are used, it is probably more deliberately and with a focused purpose and planned outcome. When used in combination with digital marketing efforts, your plan can be quite powerful.

A custom pay-per-click campaign may be a great method for a toy company hoping to reach parents who shop online, but a catchy television commercial featuring the brand’s character is going to catch the attention of children putting together holiday wish lists. The ad may excite the child to ask parents about the product, and the PPC ad reminds them, “Oh yes- here’s that product and you can easily buy it now with just a click…”  A digital marketing effort can in fact enhance the traditional method.

Copy and imagery do not necessarily translate between mediums.  As always, keep in mind who the audience is and the marketing method being used.  In the above example, marketing copy reaching a child on television is going to be far different than what would successfully grab the attention of someone who is a parent online.  Keep in mind, though – your brand is your brand and your story is your story.  Logo usage, design, and tone should remain consistent no matter which marketing mediums you choose.

If you already have strong traditional marketing programs such as a print newsletter, think about using digital to improve the ROI. Print articles could be redistributed as blog posts or shared as content on your website, for example.  A video ad or presentation can be placed on YouTube.  Moving some of your traditional marketing online might also reduce overall costs, improving your net marketing return.

Whether a brand is being noticed on a billboard, social media, a television ad, or an email blast, the point is to be recognized.  An expanded marketing campaign that uses a combination of the best elements for you, will accomplish just that.

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