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The Client Is Always Right: 5 Steps to Put a Customer-Centric Mentality to Work for You

The mantra of “the customer is always right” dates back to the early 20th century, with its roots stemming from early department store magnates’ business philosophies.[1] And while the phrase has been used repeatedly in the decades since through various industries, it perhaps has never been truer than it is in the marketing discipline today. Read more

Sales Enablement in the Tech Space: Make Your List this Season, and Check It Twice

It’s been proven that an effective sales enablement program can deliver the gift of greater sales all year through. Read more

Take the “It’s Not Rocket Science” Approach to Customer References

It’s a no brainer that customer references speak volumes and make your story more believable, right? But has trying to capture them felt like nothing short of rocket science?

Read more

Put Sales Enablement in Motion: Designing a Program that Accelerates Results

Spinning your wheels trying to make sense of sales enablement?

Up to 75% of training programs fail to contribute to the success of business.1

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Influencer Marketing: The Rockstar of Content Marketing Today

Influencer marketing offers an ROI performance potential that’s 11X higher than all other forms of digital media.1

And that’s why it’s all the rage these days. Rather than marketing directly to a big group of consumers, influencer marketing inspires, hires, or pays influencers to get the word out for you. The influencer relationship grows and guides the connection with personalities who are perceived as having an impact on your purchasing client base. Read more

A Not-So-Routine Role: Identifying the Best Product Manager for your Business

For most of us, we’re accustomed to the routine questions asked at job interviews.  Whether we’ve acted as the interviewer, the interviewee, or a little of both, we understand that some questions look for behavioral and/or attitude traits, others are seeking out experience details, some are testing teamwork strategies, and yet others are verifying competency.  While clearly the answers these questions are pursuing all have great merit, some positions absolutely require a more delicate, and at times inherent balance of many different abilities and specific characteristics, and perhaps most importantly, a certain kind of passion. Read more

Sending the Right Message About Your Products

The Importance of Product Messaging and Positioning: Are your Customers Receiving the Right Message?

When it comes to fully conveying the power and value of your product offerings, communication really is key.  It may seem a bit cliché to reference that childhood telephone game, but that’s precisely what poor communication can really be like – a message that winds up meaning nothing close to what you initially set out for it to deliver to your target recipient. Read more

Marketing Then and Now: The Evolution of the Customer Relationship

From the first marketplaces where farmers and craftsmen peddled their wares, to the line around the block for the newest iPhone, the buying and selling process has transformed around the entire globe. To illustrate just how this exchange has progressed over time, let’s travel back over the last few decades to see how new approaches and technologies have changed– for the better. Read more

Stan is Not the Product Man: The Evolution of the Product Manager

The role of the product manager has shifted considerably over the last few years. The position has grown in importance as companies have come to recognize that no other position has greater impact on the future of the product line and thus the company. With this new understanding, organizations have been placing more emphasis on getting the right person for the job. Read more

The Art of Persona Development and Why It’s Important

The customer persona may be fictional in nature, but it couldn’t be more of a real aspect of successfully building out a smart product for your company. Read more

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