The Best Practices for Telecommuting are Outlined by Exact Market

With more people than ever working from home at least part time, Exact Market has outlined helpful tips to help teleworkers be more productive.

Having employees who work from home certainly has its benefits for both the company and the employees. Companies can save money related to office costs, while employees working from home benefit from reduced commute times, better work/life balance and are generally happier.

Yet working from home can have its distractions as well. It’s important that an employee who works from home learns the best way to do so; otherwise he/she can end up not being productive at all.

Separate work from home 

The first tip for successfully working from home is to separate work from home. When an employee works at home, it helps to have an extra room or office with its own desk. If one is not available, make a desk or table a workspace. This helps for focus and changes the mindset from “I’m at home” to “I’m at work”. Also, an uncluttered workspace makes for an uncluttered mind, which makes an employee more productive.

Eliminate distractions 

Turning off the Internet, phone and anything else can help with avoiding distractions – especially the Internet. If an employee needs to use the Internet for research, email, etc., he/she should avoid news sites, Facebook, shopping sites, etc.

Maintain normal office hours 

Not only should a teleworking employee strictly abide by work hours, but needs to make family and friends also respect the rules. Plus, an employee should act like he/she is going to the office and avoid working in pajamas. It helps to shower, dress nice and get into the mindset of “going” to work.

Stay on track by planning 

Create a daily to-do list that includes goals for big projects. Then, a teleworker should be accountable for meeting self-imposed deadlines.

Log off 

Once work is finished, step away from the computer and spend time with the family, or personal time. Turn off the computer and move to a different room, or go outside for a walk or jog, or run an errand. This helps to rejuvenate a home worker and is important to overall well-being.

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