About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 2007, Exact Market is more than a marketing firm. We operate as a valued partner and extend upon your marketing team. Consider us your remote team of marketing experts that live and breathe the excitement of ever-changing deliverables. We are the only marketing agency in the United States that offers emMPaaS™ Cloud (Marketing Programs as a Service™). Our clients are Fortune 500 companies that lock into working with us with a minimum contract for a minimum period of three months and up. We are not project based or project funded, we are under service contracts that we negotiate with our customers well in advance of the subscription (service renewal dates). Types of services we offer includes: Content creation, program management, project management, development of visual ideas and execution. We aim to provide whatever our clients need: from product launches to print and media advertising, we will work with you from start to finish.

Culture and Philosophy

We are enablers. We are achievers. We are strategists, architects, writers, and artists. We are a collective team. We exist to create comprehensive initiatives that enable brands, unify relationships, and maximize ROI. Our clients are diverse and top-tier. Our work is successful by every measure imaginable. We are Exact Market and we are unifying marketing and sales teams around a shared vision to successfully launch new and existing offerings.

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