Exact Market Introduces 6 New Ways to Approach Meetings in the 21st Century

Rules for running a successful meeting get a 21st Century makeover in the new Exact Market guideline.

Exact Market, the Silicon Valley-based marketing firm, has released a new template designed to help business owners stay current with the rapidly evolving business meeting. In it, the company’s founders argue that business leaders must rethink what they know about meetings and begin to take a 21st Century approach to outdated ideas.

Entitled “Embracing the Future: Exact Market’s Template for Hosting Successful Business Meetings in the 21st Century”, the guideline helps business leaders run productive meetings in a new business climate. Tips include:

Reconsider How Meeting Participants Contribute 

Exact Market’s guideline encourages business leaders to reconsider how they allow meeting participants to contribute ideas. The template suggests businesses allow participants to text ideas or contribute opinions to an online poll.

Embrace Technology 

The modern meeting should not just integrate technology; it should make technology an active partner. Exact Market suggests technology such as video conferencing and cloud-based collaboration to encourage participation.

Allow Alternative Meeting Venues 

Many 21st century businesses work outside traditional brick-and-mortar offices, and so the guideline offers suggestions for unconventional locations. These include remote videoconferencing, coffee shops and rented hotel conference rooms.

Plan Ahead 

Though the “plan ahead” rule is hardly revolutionary, Exact Market argues it needs a 21st Century update. Planning ahead should now include calendaring through a variety of desktop and mobile devices and cloud-based pre-meeting collaboration.

Be Clear About the Meeting’s Purpose 

Today’s meeting participant is more sophisticated and deserves a deeper understanding of a meeting’s purpose. Organizers should be able to answer two questions: 1. “What will we accomplish before this meeting is over?” and, 2. “Why does it matter?”

Relearn Communication Techniques 

Previous truisms about effective communication don’t always work in the 21st century meeting. Exact Market offers a simple solution: ask meeting participants how they prefer to communicate and meet, and then design around them.

About Exact Market 

Exact Market is an established Silicon Valley-based marketing company who provides innovative, comprehensive and successful marketing campaigns and services for every sized organization: from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses. For more information visit: https://www.exactmarket.com/.

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